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    E-sportswoman Elena Koval or VioletFairy from the Vaevictis eSports team recently gave an interview to the Championship and told how she became interested in e-sports, what her expectations were and how everything turned out in reality. In addition, she mentions Elina Sokolova (Intgrations), who joined them not so long ago.

    Elena admits that it all started with one character from the game League of Legends — Katerina, who liked her very much. It was for her that she played her first games with real people. And Elena started the game sometimes just for the sake of playing for this character. Although she loved the game itself, because it generally liked this genre of games. According to her, she still loves to play for Katerina, although this character has changed over the past few years.

    Helen took over all the knowledge of eSports from her friend Xenia or [Trianna]. It was she who told Elena about all the events in the world of eSports, showed broadcasts and inspired to take part in more massive and serious competitions. So, Ksenia came up with the idea to create a women’s team as opposed to the men’s Vaevictis. But her idea was not realized. But they managed to take part in the LCL game, which they loved and played a long time. In addition, Ksenia was one of the volunteers in the Continental League. Gradually, Elena is increasingly immersed in eSports and learns about its laws.

    The reality did not meet Elena’s expectations. Before that, she could not even imagine that in eSports, as in ordinary sports, there are training sessions, meetings with the coach, game planning and team spirit. She admits that she did not expect that eSports could become a real job, and she herself — a eSportswoman. This becomes a real discovery for Elena, who believed that this could only be a hobby.

    Elena is optimistic about her current team. She believes that the strongest player is Elina, who joined just recently — on February 28. She recognizes this with some caution, fearing that other team members will be offended by her. Also, in her opinion, now the team has become much stronger. This is even noted by the game commentators. Elena says that although she is sometimes offended that Elina plays the best of all, she does not regret that she took her to the team. After all, Elina does not lose a single line for the whole game. Helen believes that their team has a great future and the potential to develop further.


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