LeaverBuster League of Legends

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For those who are not aware of LeaverBuster, this is a system that monitors players who prematurely leave the game, thereby “giving” defeats to your allies, and with this the removal of points in ranked games.

It happens that due to the absence of a non-stable connection, or you had to leave and close the client and you were under the hood of this system.




Do not be upset, this is a solvable problem and no one is immune from it. Many players do not want to wait for the waiting time before the start of the game, so if you belong to this category and want to play as quickly as possible, then you came to the right place.

We have patience, we know what the desire is to play your favorite game.

It does not matter which server, the main data provided is the login and password of the account. Please note that during the game process it is strictly forbidden to enter the account, because the performer may be in the queue and after you log in to the account — you will have to do everything from the beginning.

Depending on the waiting time, our reward for the work done is:

5 minutes — $ 2 / game or $ 8 for 5 games.
10 minutes — $ 3 / game or $ 10 for 5 games.
20 minutes — $ 4 / game or $ 15 for 5 games.
30 minutes — $ 5 game or $ 18 for 5 games.

We agree that this is a specific service, but not all the summoners are willing to wait, because it is better to immediately come after work or from school and sit down to play for your favorite account than to create a new one or do the work yourself.



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