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Today, the League of Legends MOVA game is still one of the most popular game projects in our segment of the Internet. The virtual world of League of Legends attracts millions of users around the world. Such popularity has generated a whole industry of various competitions and championships, in which players are measured by force and receive worthy prizes.

Today we present a new quality portal on which fans of the game, and ordinary users have the opportunity to learn:
— The latest news from the world of League of Legends;
— obtain information on the latest builds and modifications;
— Read interesting guides about the winners of prestigious tournaments and championships. Understand their strategies and understand the tricks.

In addition, the new portal offers ample opportunities for pumping accounts for players (Elo boot). Moreover, the cost of such services of our company is much lower than that of competitors. It employs 15 professional staff with high ranks and extensive experience in the implementation of such orders.

In the course of the order, our portal provides all the necessary reports. Also, our employees are ready at any time to answer questions of our customers.
For regular customers we offer excellent discounts and good discounts.

Elo Boost Company Warranties
For all interested parties, we can provide a guarantee of high quality of our services in the form of:

  • Many positive reviews from other users, accounts and screenshots of the statistics of our employees.
  • Specialists working on our portal have extensive experience that you can check by learning their statistics and reviews about their work, at the moment they are among the best in their segment;
  • The lowest prices on the Internet for pumping accounts League of Legends (Elo Boost)

Thus, referring to our services, you can get the best quality and excellent service at a very reasonable price.

If you have any questions about the service, suggestions for improving the portal or cooperation — contact us:

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  — Counter-pick

 — @lucky_ducks

 +38098 015 87 94


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